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The Phidgity affix was first granted to Susan Graham-Weall back in August 1926.
The following are some of the Phidgity dogs shown over the years across different breeds such as Pugs, Bull Terriers, Poodles, English Toy Terriers and Dalmatians:
Ch Phidgity Farmford Phyllida
Ch Phgidgity Fuss of Willingford
Ch Phidgity Phlyhigh
Ch Phidgity Marquita of Petrozanne
Ch Phidgity Philbert
Fr Ch Phidgity Phillip
Ch Phidgity Phyllis
Ch Phidgity Phyll's Son
Ch Phidgity Snow Dream
Ch Fallshing Snow of Phidgity
Ir Ch Herridells Somebody to Love at Phidgity
Ch Phidgity Pereskia JW
Ch/Ir Ch Phidgity Pitch Black JW ShCm
Ch Phidgity Phoebe
Ir Ch Phidgity Parisienne
In Ch Phidgity Prima Donna at Santa Moana
In Ch Phidgity Phoenix at Santa Moana
Port Ch Phidgity Petite Fleur
Aust Ch Phidgity Potent Potion
We will be putting photos of previous Phidgity dogs as and when we can trace them.  If anyone has any old photos of Susan's or Busty's Phidgity dogs and would let us use them please contact us - we would be very grateful.
We took over the affix in 1994 and our first Dalmatian registered using this affice was Ir Ch Herridell Somebody to Love At Phidgity (Lydia).  Lydia in her time produced the UK Dalmatian Top Puppy 1998 and Joint Irish Dalmatian Top Puppy 1998; winning also the title of Top Brood Bitch 2002 with progeny from 2 litters.
As a family our connection with Dalmatians goes back quite a long way with Maurice's mother being brought up with them.  For us, after owning a Weimaraner and then 2 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, we brought our first Dalmatian bitch 27 years ago and our love affair with the breed was well and truly started.  Our first show bitch was Dallyvista Black In Fashion who produced our lovely Whiffletree Warbler (Murphy) and Whiffletree Warwick (Benson).  Benson belonged to our son Justin who trained Benson himself and competed successfully at flyball; managing to qualify for the British Flyball Association Finals one year and gaining 8th in the Mixed Pairs Finals.
Justin also went on to handle English Foxhounds for their breeder and has been lucky enough to win into the Hound Group at Crufts for 4 years consecutively (5 years in total) with the wonderful Harambee Mungala (a really beautiful girl with a tremondously wicked sense of humour).
A major influence on the Phidgity Dalmatian line today has been Ch Theakston Tamerlan who was owned and bred by Joan Atkinson of the Theakston Dalmatians.  This beautiful boy has over the years been behind many of the the top winning Dalmatians and his influence can still be seen in the ring today especially in his granddaughter Ch Djojica Voodoo the breed record holder with 47 Challenge Certificates.  We were very pleased to have had Ch Theakston Tamerlan as our main influence and are very proud of the fact that our boy Rupert (Ch/Ir Ch Phidgity Pitch Black JW ShCm) is a grandson.  We are very proud to be able to say we go back in a direct line through Theakston, Olbero, Tantivvey to the 1968 Best In Show Winner at Crufts Ch Fanhill Faune.
We have now got English Toy Terriers in our lives and often wonder why we didn't have them years ago!  They are one of the most delightful and enchanting little breeds we've met.  There is so much personality in such a tiny body!  They love the big dogs and run circles around them most of the time.  We were very lucky to have started our Phidgity ETT line with Ir Ch Witchstone Love In A Mist Over Phidgity, Witchstone Cover Story of Phidgity and Witchstone Black Diamond At Phidgity.  All three bred by the ETT Top Breeders Nick Gourley and Andrew Leonard and we are very grateful to them for letting us join the Witchstone Team.
Our Witchstone Cover Story of Phidgity had a litter in July 2009 (2 boys and 3 girls) and we are hoping to show beginning of 2010.