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 Rupert is booked to some girls in 2010 so please check out latest news/litters during the year
Rupert was born in 2001; his mother was our Ir Ch Herridell Somebody To Love At Phidgity and his father was Ch Salsusa Black Jack.  Hence we called him Pitch Black in recognition of his dad.  He was the most delightful puppy and used to amuse us with his habit of sitting under a bush whilst his siblings dashed around the garden at top speed, only joining in again when he thought there might be food in it for him!  In fact, he was so laid back we often wondered whether we'd ever be able to get him to stand long enough in the show ring!  However, he became a super dog to show and we had a lot of fun with him as can be seen by the following results:
Junior Warrant by 12 months old.
1 RGS (Reserve Green Star Ireland)
1 GS (Green Star Ireland) and BOB at South Tipperary Championship Show at just 12 months and 3 weeks old.
Reserve Challenge Certificate - Welsh Kennel Club
Challenge Certificate - City of Birmingham
Challenge Certificate + BOB - Richmond
Challenge Certificate - LKA
Green Star Dog + BOB - Killarney
Green Star Dog - Limerick
Green Star Dog - Tralee
Best In Show Hillsboro & District
Achieved Show Certificate of Merit within 7 shows
BOB, BIG, & BIS - Jarrow & Hebburn
BOB, BIG & RBIS - Seaham
Green Star, CACIB + BOB - St Patricks Ch SHow
Challenge Certificate - Windsor Ch show
Green Star - Navan Ch Show
Challenge Certificate - Darlington Ch Show
Reserve Challenge Certificate - Belfast Ch Show
Challenge Certificate - Driffield Ch Show
Green Star + BOB - All Ireland Bull Breeds All Breeds Ch Sh
Green Star - Cloghran Ch Show
Reserve Challenge Certificate - Ladies Kennel Association Ch Show
Green Star, CACIB, RBOB - St Patricks Ch Show
Reserve Green Star, Res CACIB - Combined Canine Society Ch Show
Rupert is at stud to approved bitches only; he also sired 2 litters to our own Theakston Topaz of Phidgity all were hearing tested normal.